Oil Water Separators

STELSEP oil water separators were designed by people who understand condensate management. The design team incorporated decades of specialist knowledge into their unique solution to a world-wide problem.

Our product keywords are: simplicity of design; ease of selection, installation & maintenance; quality in manufacture; and performance in operation. Innovation and an eye for the future come as standard.

Our separators don’t use gravity pre-separation, so there’s no separate oil container. The system also means that there’s less time for bacteria to breed in the separator – and it makes servicing cleaner and quicker. We don’t use carbon filters – ours are lightweight, dust-free and last twice as long.

The final part of the brief was economy. To conceive and manufacture a product whose price didn’t discourage users from doing the responsible thing by treating their oil-contaminated waste. We think we succeeded but it’s your call.


In late 2016 the world’s smallest and lowest cost oil/water separator that has a replaceable cartridge-type service pack was introduced.

The STELSEP CS75i has the capacity to handle the condensate from ANY 15hp compressor, yet requires only a simple “no tools” cartridge replacement taking just a minute or two every 4000hrs running time. Connection is quick too as CS75i has push-in connectors as standard.

You get a ‘time-in-service’ indicator as a reminder that maintenance is due, and the unit can be mounted either on wall or floor using the supplied accessories. CS75i is a unique product, patent protected and available only from distributors of STELSEP products

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Our mid-range separators CSR150 to CSR3000 (from 150 to 3000 cfm) are as easy as can be. Supplied fully assembled up to CSR1000 and offering configurable installation options to suit site conditions the CSR range is unique – it’s easy to install and use, and totally reliable in operation.

Like all STELSEP products, it is a simple and elegant design doing exactly what it should do.

Minimal floor space required, quick and easy servicing, through-flow style with no gravity separation stage, properly designed sample points, secure storage for the sample jar and NO separate oil can to empty during servicing are just some of the benefits of STELSEP’s CSR range

For requirements over 1000 cfm, 2 or 3 CSR1000’s are connected using our CSEQ3 ‘splitter’ which will divide condensate flow into 2 or 3 equal streams. This arrangement improves the efficiency of multiple installations and allows physical flexibility in the installation.

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For larger systems where the plant is running multiple compressors producing over 3000 cfm, STELSEP offers exactly the same technology, but housed in a commercially available IBC – keeping the capital cost to a minimum and extending the service periods to a maximum – up to 16,000 hours.

Every two years of operation a new IBC, pre-filled with media replaces the spent one; the existing connections and pressure relief chamber are re-used.

Once again, there is no separate oil container to deal with and there is only one filter disposal to arrange per TWO YEAR period.

These large separators are a uniquely cost effective method of dealing with a large scale condensate problem

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If your raw condensate looks something like the one on the left, expect an oil/water separator like the STELSEP standard range to do the job. The sample is typical of most installations, oil dispersed in water with a little free oil floating on top. An everyday task for STELSEP.

But, if your raw condensate looks more like this, don’t be surprised if your existing oil/water separator isn’t coping. Certain ambient conditions conspire to emulsify the oil & water making it impossible for them to work effectively. STELSEP has the solution – ask us about the ‘AF’ or ‘PG’ upgrade. Same separator, up-rated filter medium.