What We Do

While we offer a wide range of compressed air-related products, STELSEP’s key focus is condensate management. We’ve put together an incredible range of oil/water separators, designed in-house and incorporating all the major benefits our customers have been asking for.

Why is compressed air condensate such a big deal?

A 25hp compressor running continuously for a year (8000+ hrs) can produce around 265 gallons of condensate containing over 2.5 gallons of oil. That’s enough oil to cover and de-oxygenate about 20-25 acres of surface water. It is said that around 10% of produced electricity is used to generate compressed air, which is an indication of the damage that could be done if all that condensate was left untreated.

Discharging oily condensate to a storm drain, to any stream or groundwater – or even to the sewer (if untreated) is NOT permitted.

Given the complexity of regulations and the obvious natural benefits to the environment, it makes a lot of sense to take the safe option and never discharge any untreated oily waste. Better to be safe than sorry!

Of course, you have choices in how you avoid the risk….

You can store your condensate on site, then employ a licensed contractor to dispose of it. You’ll need to do that frequently! It won’t come cheap, and you’ll still be liable for any on-site spills.

Of course you could take the risky option; ignore the law and your conscience and run the condensate out to the car park or the local stream. But you won’t do that, will you?

Or you can get your chosen compressor supply & service company to install a STELSEP separator. This will give you simple, effective on-site treatment that needs no set-up or adjustment.

You can route your outlet to the sewer, and apart from a 2-minute weekly quality check you can forget about it until service time – every 4000 hrs, probably just like your compressor.