Service Kits

STELSEP offers a wide range of 3rd party service kits to fit most popular oil/water separators including BEKO, Ultrafilter, Domnick Hunter, Jorc, Atlas Copco, nano Sepura and many other brands.*

*On this website, such names are used merely to indicate the original manufacturer and does not imply any connection with STELSEP

The heart of an oil/water separator is its filter media. Old fashioned systems would use activated carbon filters which gave great results when first installed, but quickly became less effective as heavy oil build-up occurred in use. Carbon is also dirty and dusty to handle, and extremely heavy and slow to drain after use.

STELSEP employs its own proprietary blend of fine Polypropylene wool and shred to replace carbon at the heart of all our separators. This enlightened approach offers significant benefits by reducing filter weight, offering cleaner handling and guaranteeing faster draining – a major improvement for efficient servicing.

In addition, the hugely increased surface area permits the material to adsorb greater amounts of hydrocarbons without restricting liquid flow through the filter – resulting in improved outlet quality over a much longer service life, and of course minimising the risk of filter blockage that would otherwise cause a spill.

Recently, we’ve invested in a modern laboratory facility, enabling STELSEP to research and develop new materials and processes so as to keep us (and our customers) ahead of the game. Lubricants are becoming more complex. Laws and regulations concerning allowable discharges are likely to become even more demanding. Users in all markets require ever greater levels of  certainty that their investment in environmental measures such as condensate treatment are giving them the return they need.

To stay ahead of the game we’re constantly monitoring the performance of our existing products using field samples, while at the same time using a standardised synthetically derived ‘condensate’ to compare and contrast between our own production batches and other media types.

Looking to the future, we will continue to further improve residual oil content, preferably by organic means. There’s no point standing still, so STELSEP will continue to develop, to innovate and to lead.

More ways to try STELSEP media kits

You can have the benefits of STELSEP media even if your old separator has carbon filters.

We manufacture a wide range of service kits to fit separators by a number of other manufacturers, all of them using our much-better-than-carbon filter media. And the good news is that even with all the benefits of handling and performance it usually costs much less than the original. That has to be good news!

Get in touch with STELSEP via the contact form to check if we make an alternative kit that can improve the performance your oil/water separator.